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The Benefits of Digital Lighting Control Systems

How Modern Lighting Control Systems Can Improve Employee Morale and Productivity

 In the world of business when you’re trying to run a company or get things off the ground, custom lighting may not be at the top of the list of priorities. However, proper lighting holds more value for your business than you might realize, and it is something to take into careful consideration. 

Studies have shown that the right lighting control system can hold many benefits, particularly for your employees and teams. Read on, and we’ll tell you all about these systems and why you should get one installed.

What Is a Digital Lighting Control System?

A lighting control system is a smart, network-based control system that allows your lights to be managed via communication between various system inputs and outputs. This is done using one or more central control devices. They are mainly used for indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial and industrial buildings, but can also be used for residential homes as well. 

These systems help to ensure that the right amount of light is used when and where it’s needed. Due to their energy-saving nature, they are sometimes also referred to as Smart Lighting.

So, simply put, a basic commercial lighting control system will enable the user(s) to determine the light output, turn on the light in specific areas when or where it’s needed, and turn them off when no one’s there anymore. But they can also be more technical than that! 

Technology has now advanced to where you can control details such as the exact colour of the light for a specified space, so you can have one setting in the break room and a completely different one for the working area with computers. You can also set your lighting to automatically dim or turn off when an area is unoccupied.

Not to mention you can monitor your energy usage, provide performance reports, and set off alarms if levels aren’t correct, among other settings. It can be completely customized!

Why are Digital Lighting Control Systems Important? 

Not only do digital lighting control systems conserve energy and save money by only being used when they’re needed, but it turns out that the right lighting can actually boost the productivity of your employees, too.

According to, Purdue University and JLL conducted a two-year study that looked into the effects of customizable indoor environment conditions.

First, the researchers installed sensors in the workplace of study that measured the temperature, light level, and occupant actions as the employees/participants went about their eight-hour day.

The participants were split into two separate groups: one used Purdue-designed customizable desktop computer controls that gave them individual control of the light and temperature, and the other group was left with the typical thermostat and light switches mounted on the wall.

The study found that the first group, who were given the customizable controls on their laptops or computers, were more engaged than the second group with the standard controls. They relied more on natural daylight than artificial lighting, and with the temperature and lighting just as they needed, they also reported stronger levels of productivity and performed better in cognitive tests than the other group.

It’s a fascinating study, and a simple search online will lead you to many other articles that study this topic and back the claim, such as this article from, and the work of Jennifer Veitch. Ultimately, a customizable lighting control system is crucial and a worthwhile investment, and a win-win for everybody involved. Who doesn’t want that?

Other Benefits of Digital Lighting Control Systems

In case you’re not quite convinced, here are some other benefits of a control system that you might not have thought about:

  1. Increased safety. Think of a bathroom that switches on the lights when you open the door and walk in, allowing you to see the large puddle of water on the floor and prevent you from slipping. Appropriate lighting around computers can also help prevent vision damage, migraines and headaches, and improve overall mental health and morale.
  2. Change the appearance of a space. Adjusting your lighting can change the way a room looks and feels, change the atmosphere, reduce glare and overall, match the chosen functions of the space. 
  3. Enhanced efficiency with LED lighting. Most commercial lighting systems use LED, which is much more energy-efficient. This can lead to a 60% reduction in electrical overhead costs for medium-to-large size businesses, and a 30% decrease in lighting costs.
  4. Increased security in the workplace environment. This is particularly noteworthy if you’re in a high-crime area. Automated lighting is proven to deter thieves, and prevent other crimes from happening. A thief won’t want to be identified when the light suddenly turns on above them!
  5. They’re flexible to use with very user-friendly controls. A digital lighting control system might seem to be a hefty undertaking, but it is worthwhile when you consider the positive impact it will have on your employees and the business overall. It’s simple to adjust the lighting to your preferences, just turn the lights ON and OFF with a switch or adjust light up and down using a dimmer. 

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