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Smart Garage Door Controllers: How They Work and The Benefits of Going Smart

Getting to Know Smart Home Automation and Security Systems

If you are looking for the best garage door opener for your home that can be controlled by remote access even when you are away from the house, consider investing in a smart garage door controller.

Many people are looking for ways to eliminate the number of keys or controllers they have to carry, but want to keep their home safe and secure while away. Home automation systems are designed to make our lives easier, and in recent years, the smart technology market has developed a solution that helps make garage doors even easier to access and operate than a standard garage door.

By turning to smart technology, the chances of losing your remote controller are minimized, but the security of your home is increased. 

Switching to a smart garage door controller can save you a lot of space and time and, when used correctly, can bring a lot of other benefits to your day-to-day routine.

How Do Smart Garage Door Controllers Work?

If you haven’t replaced your garage door controller yet, now is the time to go smart. There are many different types of garage door controllers on the market, but not all of them are smart. 

Whereas traditional garage door controllers usually require a physical device and are often battery-powered, a smart garage door controller operates on WiFi and is operated by an app on your smart device or home hub. They have an attractive, streamlined construction that won’t take up lots of room in your garage.

The Benefits of Owning a Smart Garage Door Opener

Introducing high-tech solutions into your home should be simple and fun, not frustrating. There are many benefits to owning any sort of smart home automation system and they are designed to be effortless and complementary to your lifestyle. 

The benefits of using a smart garage opener include:

  • Easy to use – Using the simplicity of a single touchscreen device, you can utilize everything your smart garage door controller has to offer. Need to open it for a delivery while you are at work – that’s easy when it’s smart.

If your smart garage door opener is a part of a broader smart home security system, you may be able to adjust lighting and temperature, as well as audiovisual and security solutions with the same app. 

  • Give peace of mind – Say goodbye to worrying and obsessing whether you turned off the lights, locked the door or closed the garage. For busy homeowners and renters, being able to check on your home’s security remotely with an app automatically makes automation reassuring and worth the investment.
  • Convenience – Have you ever found yourself digging through your purse to find the remote garage door controller or had to struggle to get a manual garage door open with full hands? The garage door should always be a port of entry into the house which is easily accessed by the members of the family. With a smart garage door controller, you can remotely open or close the garage door. This is convenient for coming home, leaving the house, lifting heavy items and transporting things to and from the house via the garage with finesse. No more jangling keys trying to find your garage door remote controller. You are just one simple tap away from your garage opening and closing at your wish. 
  • App-controlled – One big benefit of having your garage door opener controlled by an app is that you won’t ever lose it. You can even have it stored in a backup device just in case the battery dies on your cell phone.
  • Security – As the owner of a smart garage door-controlled system, you are able to add or remove authorized users and devices as needed. Smart systems can also include added security features like notifications of misuse or attempted access by a non-authorized user.

Is Your Garage Door Controller Part of an Integrated Smart Security System?

Some of the most superior smart garage door controllers are only a small part of a wider, more sophisticated home security system. You can invest in a complete home smart security system and know what’s happening on your property at any time. These systems allow:

  • Security alerts when entry is detected.
  • Bespoke alerts and reminders for changes and updates on your property.
  • Connected Car to protect your vehicle and whoever drives it with behaviour alerts, vehicle alerts and location tracking, among other features.

At Kobalt Systems, we are proud partners with We sell, install and maintain a wide range of smart security systems including smart garage door openers. security systems integrate with most major garage door opener companies such as:

  • Genie
  • Lift Master
  • Chamberlain
  • GoControl
  • OHD Anywhere

You Can Take Your Smart Garage Door Opener With You If You Move

Are you moving? Do you need to add or remove a location to your device? New garage door controllers are more flexible than ever before, since they connect to smart devices. Simply reprogram your security system or device to your new location while deleting or forgetting your old one. Don’t give up on your state-of-the-art smart garage door controller and leave it behind with your old house.

Get Expert Help to Install and Program Your Smart Garage Opener

If you have chosen to install a smart garage door opener, you are making a great choice to optimize your home’s smart attributes. When deciding which system is best for you, call an expert such as the team at Kobalt Systems, who can help program and automate your system to your personal requirements.

Kobalt Systems, based in Victoria BC and serving southern Vancouver Island, offers free consultations to assess your home’s security needs. Whatever you are in the market for, or if you’re just curious about how to make your home as secure as possible, starting with your garage door, book an appointment with Kobalt Systems today.