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How to Better Secure your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors can look great in your home and they are great for letting in lots of natural sunlight. They make it easy to get outside to your deck, backyard or balcony. But sliding doors are also a less secure entry point into your house—often the entry point of choice for burglars. There’s no getting around the fact that your glass sliding door is not as secure as a traditional wood, metal or fiberglass door. Glass is easily broken and even a thief who’d rather not make all that noise can probably make short work of the flimsy locks on most sliding doors. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to better secure your sliding glass door.

  1. Block the track

We know this is the classic defence, but all too often we still visit homes where there is no track-blocker. Too many people never get around to it. It’s easy to make your own blocker; just saw a hockey stick, broom handle or piece of dowel to the right length to firmly block the door from sliding. You could also purchase a more advanced security bar.

  1. Install a better lock

Many homes have good secure deadbolt locks on their front doors, but then the sliding glass door to the back deck is secured only by the manufacturer’s simple latch clamping onto the frame. The average burglar will pry that open with a screwdriver. The good news is that you can install a better lock and it’s generally not too hard to do. You’ll find there are different options, but one good solution that is inexpensive is a loop lock.

  1. Reinforce the glass

Consult your warranty to determine what kind of glass you have in your sliding door. Older doors often have glass that will shatter quite easily upon impact. It’s possible to apply a security film that will greatly strengthen the glass. There are thin films available that make it difficult to break through the glass. There are thicker protection films that add protection against extreme winds, thrown object impacts and even bullet resistance!

  1. Install a security camera

Get a home security professional to install a motion-activated security camera along with appropriate lighting for the greatest peace of mind. Tie this into a whole home security system and most thieves will run rather than try to break-in. It’s not worth the risk of breaking in through a sliding door if you know you are being recorded and triggering an alarm.

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