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Standby Generators

Living on Vancouver Island has its perks, but as we all know the Island’s weather can be unpredictable at best. During a power outage, a backup generator provides the security and convenience of a fully operational home.

We understand purchasing a generator is big investment, and our electrical experts are here to support and provide you all the information regarding so that you are confident in your decision-making. Our generators are backed with 5-year manufacturers warranty, plus a corrosion-proof enclosure that’s built to last. We at Kobalt Systems also go a step further to combat the West Coast’s salty air, we switch out all the surface screws with stainless steel to prevent any rust and keep your investment looking new for years

We recommend installing an automatic transfer switch to work together with the generator. What this means is; the switch will automatically start the generator when it senses power has been interrupted. It will safely close your main power line and open a new power line from the generator. In just seconds your home standby system will begin supplying electricity to your pre-selected major appliances like your heat, fridge, oven, sump pumps and even lights. When the main power line voltage has stabilized again, the transfer switch will retransfer your pre-selected home comforts back to your main power source and resume monitoring for subsequent power loss. If the convenience of the automatic switch is not for you, there are manual transfer switches available as well.