Electric Service Upgrade – What to Expect

Here’s what to expect during your electrical service upgrade:

  • Kobalt Systems will provide a consultation to determine what your homes existing amperage size is and establish what your electrical needs would be.
  • Through a electrical load calculation, our team will work with you to find a solution to fit your budget, while ensuring the upgrade has the potential for future growth.
  • We will contact the Technical Safety Authority or City of Victoria to obtain the required electrical permits for the work.
  • Our project manager will coordinate with BC Hydro express connect to obtain a BC Hydro request number for your upgrade. We will then complete the electrical contractor declaration and provide details regarding the permit issued by the electrical inspection agency.
  • Now it’s your turn: You will need to create or login to your existing BC Hydro web account and provide the connect request number and then authorize the connection request.
  • Once that you have authorized the connection request, you must approve connection charges and confirm payment method with BC Hydro through your web account. BC Hydro will then review and approve the connection request. We can now schedule your electrical service upgrade.
  • On the morning of the upgrade BC Hydro electrical contractor will disconnect the power connection into your home.
  • Kobalt Systems will then update your electrical service including meter base, panel and grounding system. We will also install additional upgrades or updates that are required to be brought up to the Canadian electrical code standards.
  • Later that same day, once the equipment has been installed a building inspector from the Technical Safety Authority or the City of Victoria will review the home to approve the installation.
  • Once the installation has been approved, BC Hydro will reinstate electrical service to your home.