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4 Ways to Protect your Electronic Devices from Power Surges

Protection Against Power Surges in your Home or Business

Damage from power surges is preventable. Today’s homes and businesses are filled with modern appliances and expensive electronics. All of these devices require constant surge protection from the damaging effects of a voltage spike or better known as a power surge into your home. A power surge is a burst of electricity that travels through our cords and wires and can cause small or significant damage to our electrical devices and appliances, either instantaneously frying them or shortening their lifespan slowly over time. These power surges are frustrating and potentially costly to deal with, and to make things even more unpredictable, can happen when you least expect it.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

One of the most significant contributors to power surges in homes is old, outdated, power-wasting appliances. Our ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, microwaves, and air conditioners can all suck significant power from our houses. If we have too many of these devices plugged into the same place, we will likely see an upswing in power surges in our home. Consider investing in energy-efficient devices which will use less power and protect your house at the same time.

Surge Protectorspower bar surge protector on fire

Many people rely on plugging their expensive electronics into surge protection devices (SPDs) and think they are safe. Contrary to popular belief, not every power bar has a surge protector in it. A surge protected bar will cost you more money but will be worth the investment, and help you defend your devices in the event of a power surge. This is the easiest solution, but unfortunately these SPDs won’t cover you completely because power surges can enter through other channels as well. The telephone line, your electrical service line, an antenna and cable are all ways electricity can get routed into your home or business during a power surge.

Upgrade or Repair Wiring

If you have highly noticeable issues in your house with power such as dimming lights, buzzing noises, the occasional smell of burning plastic, or your breakers or fuses getting tripped or burnt out, you likely have problems with your wiring. In many older and current houses, wiring can become frayed, damaged, or brittle which can lead to complications. To protect yourself and your home from power surges, have a professional come in to inspect your wires and identify any problem areas.

Get Smart with Plug Sharing

Power surges happen most often when a circuit is overloaded by a powerful device that uses more electricity and puts off more power than the circuit can handle. The surge will be device and outlet specific. Anything that is sharing the same outlet or extension cord as the device which caused the power spike will be at risk of getting damaged as well. Don’t plug your smartphone in with your ancient window air conditioning unit or your laptop in with your dishwasher and microwave.

 In our opinion adding whole home surge protection to your electrical service is your best shield against unexpected power surges. It truly is the most reliable way to safeguard your devices and appliances.

Our licensed Journeyman Electricians at Kobalt Systems can offer the following surge protection services:

  • Whole Home Surge Protection
  • Business Surge Protection
  • Office and Computer Surge Protection

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